Professional League Racing -> $50 Prizes, Weekly Race's and more!

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About STR

Tieko, Stan

Welcome to the Official STR PRO LEAGUE RACING website!

We are a new amazing Leauge Race group, that just started to host their new professional (paid) league race's. We have got lots of experience with sim and league racing! Are u looking for some competitive race's, then u are here at the right place. Make sure to invite all your friends that like to race, to help us improve our community.

What do we Offer?

We offer weekly races, which will start with a F1 grid, which will be expanded with f2 if we have enough competitive drivers. Have u ever been looking for a F1 2020 Leauge Race, where u can actually earn money with? Yes sir, we do offer $50 total prizes for the first season. This $50 will be devided at the end of the season between Driver standings.

How will we actually devide this? - 1st place: $25 - 2nd place $12,50 - 3rd place $7,50 - 4rd place $5

Our main goal is to create a nice and fun race community, with people that are having fun (clean) racing. The race's will be hosted sunday at 8PM CET. 


Upcoming Events!

  • Chinese STR Grand Prix
    27 sep. 2020 20:00 CEST
  • Bahrain STR Grand Prix
    20 sep. 2020 20:00 CEST